Factory hog operation would be devastating

Janelle Engstrom


A factory hog operation has been proposed near Devils Lake. Over 100,000 hogs and between 3.5 and 7 million gallons of sewage would be produced yearly.

This project will have devastating consequences for Devils Lake! The barn and dump site areas are surrounded by Devils Lake. There are wetlands throughout the area. Many dump sites border Devils Lake, slope right into the water and have previously been under water when Devils Lake flooded.

We stand to lose so much: Loss of quality of life, health and tourism dollars.

Governor Burgum went on record in support of this project, stating, “Other states have this figured out. Iowa probably has 500 facilities like that.”


According to Environment Iowa website: There are 470 rivers in Iowa that are too polluted for swimming and recent record levels of nitrate pollution threatened clean drinking water for 500,000 people relying on residential wells in Iowa. Much of the nitrate pollution comes from live animal factory farms. Governor, you were in the Devils Lake area last week and scheduled to tour the barn and dump site areas. Why was it that you skipped the tour all together? Wouldn’t it have made good sense to see the area for yourself?

The ND Dept. of Health and ND Dept of Agriculture came to Devils Lake to hold a public meeting and present on the merits of this factory hog operation. The NDDH works for the people. Why would they show such impartiality by supporting this private entity that most Devils Lake residents DO NOT WANT?

A question for those of you in Bismarck pushing for this factory hog operation: WHY DON’T WE SET ONE OF THESE OUTFITS UP RIGHT NEXT TO BISMARCK AND THE MISSOURI RIVER? Who would be squealing then?!

To join Lake Region Concerned Citizens, the group that opposes the proposed factory hog operation near Devils Lake, look us up on Facebook. We would appreciate your support.