‘Debarking’ dogs is inhumane

Philip Weigel


I recently saw the story of Oregon farmers who were ordered to “debark” their dogs. The dogs’ barks are very loud and, understandably, the neighbors were tired of hearing that.

However, the judge’s ruling to “debark” the dogs is very inhumane and cruel to the poor dogs, as it’s effectively removing the dogs’ ability to warn against predators and other dangers.

We bred dogs to warn us of incoming dangers. Yes, some dogs can be annoying with the way they bark constantly. I’ve met more than a few myself. But this is not the way to do it. Those dogs are going to have their vocal cords removed unless the family appeals the case again. Yes, this was appealed once already and the Appeals Court ruled that this was acceptable.

As someone who loves animals, even if some of them don’t like me, I find this to be both inhumane and outright cruel.

I hope that we never have to hear something like that in North Dakota.

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