Safe, clean water possible without the feds

Ryan Wanzek


EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s visit to North Dakota marks a much needed transition of power from the federal government to state leadership.

Washington’s bureaucracy continually enlarged itself for decades, making it increasingly more difficult for the producers of any industry to grow and invest, and often even survive. Marking the furthest overreach, the Waters of the US rule, which would have regulated just about any activity where rain hits the ground and runs into a waterway, would have crushed our state’s agriculture and energy industries. It was a power-grab unlike any other.

We don’t need Washington to tell us how to regulate our economy and environment, and Pruitt understands that. Let us grow grains, let us produce oil, and let us regulate ourselves. North Dakota has proven its capability with high marks for air and water quality, a strong economy, and a regulatory environment that responds to challenges more effectively and several years ahead of bureaucrats in Washington.

While these meetings could have involved the public, returning regulation of the our environment back in the realm of our state’s leaders is the proper path forward and the discussions for that path from our leaders is a critical step to doing so.

We need safe, clean water and land along with a strong economy. Mr. Pruitt has brought back the idea that the federal government rarely knows what is best for us.