Business owners appreciate Minot’s finest

Lenny and Pam Brewer


We are writing to send kudos of appreciation to the Minot Police Department.

On Tuesday, August 15th, our business, Dakota Safety Strategies, was robbed. We are a small, start-up company that provides safety training for the oil and gas and construction industry. We have been in business for only a few months and operate on a wing and a prayer.

Our computers and other equipment were stolen. Information that was the lifeblood of our business was gone. We were devastated and didn’t know if we could continue to operate. The Minot Police were very concerned, but didn’t hold out much hope for recovering our equipment. However, the detectives were persistent in investigating the case and discovered SRT had video cameras in the alley behind our place of business.

They were able to identify the persons responsible, apprehended them and recovered our most important equipment. We are extremely grateful to the Minot Police Department for their persistence and professionalism in investigating and solving this case. It wasn’t a large, newsworthy case, but was of huge importance to us and the police department treated it as such. They willingly expended time and resources to the investigation. When you see a Minot Police officer out there, be sure to thank them for their service. They give their all so the rest of us are can go about our lives in peace and safety.