Americans have a human right to healthcare

Monte Reiner


The Republican healthcare proposal pleased 17% of the people after years of complaining and did not even meet the President’s promise to cover all Americans. Access and coverage are two very different things. Democrats now need to step up and work with the President to cover all citizens and reduce costs as the basis.

If the Freedom Party does not want to be reasonable they need to be left in the dust. Re-election cannot be the driving force in this critical process.

Americans have a human right to healthcare. Government involvement at some level is necessary for the elderly and those who cannot afford insurance. Here are the key groups and their options. Elderly – Medicare is working great: Employed with insurance – working fine: Employed who can afford insurance – working fine; Low income and less fortunate – Need government subsidy or new State Based Medicaid.

Just like driving a car requires all to have insurance so must the young citizens participate in medical insurance either under their parent’s plan until 26 or on their own. They will receive this benefit when they are older. Those who can afford insurance should be able to join state employee insurance pools just like their state employees can. The drug companies, medical providers, insurance industry, and patients must all improve the way they manage their part of this very expensive industry. This is very important but should be a secondary focus.

The 33,000,000 uninsured need to be the focus of the new plan. They should be covered under a state based Medicaid program or in some cases given subsidies to buy insurance. These citizens cost the system a lot of money by using the expensive emergency room or avoiding care altogether due to affordability. This translates into high cost health issues we all pay for now from avoiding the doctor.

Pope Francis said that nations should not base life decisions on economics. Every life deserves healthcare and we cannot let money drive who gets healthcare. Develop a plan that covers all citizens fairly and find the money to make it work.

We expect results. Feel free to blame me for the success.