Grateful for assistance Jan. 7th on 16th Street SW

Grace Fisher


Today, Saturday, January 7th, I had a car mishap. It occurred on 16th Street Southwest as I was rounding a corner on an icy stretch of road.

I have tried to be very mindful of road conditions. Clearly I wasn’t careful enough. I was heading south; it was about 845 a.m. My car went into a spin. It landed high in a big snow bank on the west side of the road facing north.

I sat there and actually tried to drive off the bank and back onto the road. That didn’t happen. Tires spinned. I was able to get out on the passenger side of the car. A couple in a passing vehicle stopped across the street. I sought their assistance, and they drove me to Harley’s Arrowhead Cenex. Mark Schmidt summoned his father and his trusty pickup. That’s Harley the Great. And in short order, they retrieved the car and got me back up and running.

The real reason for this letter: I failed, in my state, to get the name of my rescuers. A wonderful couple. I hope they read this to know how much I appreciate them. Thank you.

And Harley’s Cenex Station? I wonder if Minot could survive without that place.