Letters to the Editor 7-10-16

Irresponsibility lessens our freedoms

Mark Bent


The 4th of July turned out well this year and I am happy that fireworks were enjoyed by lots of folks. Kudos to those who were shooting off fireworks on 111th St. NE, just north of 30th Ave. All the trash was picked up after you were done. You do care and it shows. Thank you!

Every year, though, we do get news of things gone wrong. The young man who was injured in New York’s Central park by a “homemade firework,” left behind by someone who obviously did not care, is a symptom of that. The 15-year-old who made a “sparkler bomb” injured himself but hopefully learned an important lesson about the power of explosives. It’s sad that parents and children are still having to experience the pain of lessons that have already taught to others.

“Nanny” fireworks laws will never protect us from people who abuse the privilege of having fireworks accessible to the entire population. It’s a social price we pay for some of the freedoms we were meant to enjoy. Our neighbors and friends pay the price for irresponsible behavior of others. It’s not just the abuse of things, but the abuse of power too. This is why it is important for us all to remember others before we try to lower our IQ’s a bit. We all enjoy freedom when we each remember our families, neighbors and nation.

Every year we have invited families and friends to enjoy fireworks in a safe and legal setting. Lots of food, no alcohol, and a closely monitored use of even sparklers has meant years of enjoyment for all of us. Remember, that when we celebrate anything, those around us should enjoy it too. If they don’t, perhaps we should take a closer look at ourselves.

Democrats are the problem, not the solution

Steven Moen


Schneider and Onsted’s almost two columns of useless drivel in the July 3rd paper is proof positive that they are totally and completely out of touch with reality.

To even say that the Democrat NPL would be better at managing the budget of any state is laughable at best. Just look at any city or state that has been run by the Democrats and see the results. California, Chicago, Detroit, New York and others are good examples. High taxes, businesses leaving, a mountain of debt, massive welfare loads and high crime rates are the result of their management. We don’t need any of that here; while the Republican tenure isn’t perfect it beats the alternative by a long shot. Hopefully Burgum and the GOP Legislature will be able to sort it out, the Democrats have no clue

As to their comment on Trump’s let’s make America great again and their comment on the fact that it is great is further proof that they’ve had their heads stuck some place unmentionable or in the sand so long they have no clue as to reality. The current administration’s war on coal, which will result in massive layoffs in the coal industry, the country’s largest coal company, Murray, is looking to lay off 80 percent of their workforce this fall, and the doubling of our electric rates, along with the war on fracking will lead to higher and higher energy costs that we can ill afford all to placate the misguided notion that we are causing global warming is ridiculous.

Their candidate is the first one ever to run for president under investigation by the FBI. She and Obama lied about Benghazi, they left four people to die without even trying to rescue them, totally destabilized the Middle East, created ISIS, and made our country susceptible to terrorist attacks as we have witnessed on a regular basis. The Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage, against the will of the people, striking down any attempts to curb the killing of babies, refusing to hear cases of Christian persecution by various LGBT groups, all evidence the nation is moving away from God, the refusal to link terrorist attacks here in the U.S. to Muslims, the continued attacks on Second Amendment rights and soon to be criminalized non-belief of global warming are but a few reasons to rally behind Trump to truly make America great again.

Only God can truly make this country great again, but the Democrats ousted Him from the last convention they held, so maybe God can use Trump like he used Cyrus to help Israel.

I don’t know if He will or not but I know for a fact that the Democrats are not the answer to the problems we face, they are the problems we face and the sooner we come to grips with the problem the better off we will be.

Not the time to spend more money

Monte Reiner


The 25-year-old airport was not adequate for Minot so it needs to be dozed they say. The new airport is so overbuilt that there is room for an arcade. Taxpayers really love the idea of their money providing a business opportunity for such a royal cause. The voters spoke loud and clear in June and this ridiculous juvenile thinking has to end.

A very basic 6th Street project cost $12 million over the projection of $6 million. Who is held accountable for this waste of taxpayer dollars? What should we expect on a large challenging project?

Now the city employees want a raise. As oil crashes and costs go down it seems it is time to spend more money. Government employees get raises even when Bush tanks the economy, then they get subsidies to work in the Bakken while regular citizens go it alone. Now wages are sinking, costs are sinking, state funding is tanking and the city says it is time for a raise.

Citizens need to see some performance before they dig into their wallets again. All we demand is a little respect for the money we work for.

Thanks for help with Escape to the Lake

Don Santer

Grand Forks

Charitable nonprofit NDAD, founding sponsor and organizer of Escape to the Lake, wishes to thank the sponsors, donors and, most importantly, the volunteer work provided by the many people who make the event possible, with a very special thanks to a group of airmen stationed at Minot Air Force Base.

NDAD would also like to thank long-time partners Sporting Chance of Bismarck, USBmicro of Mandan, Aqua Addicts of Aberdeen, S.D., and Texas Adaptive Aquatics.

Escape to the Lake is a free-of-charge North Dakota adaptive water recreation event for people with physical disabilities. Nelson Lake, near Center, provided a winning setting once again, on June 18, for the 22nd annual event.

Thirty-one children and adults experienced the joy of waterskiing, some of them for the first time ever. Many of those individuals and other participants, with and without disabilities, also enjoyed pontoon rides that toured around the lake during the event.

A noontime luncheon was followed by another Escape tradition: a performance trick ski program provided by the Aqua Addicts.

NDAD also thanks Oliver County Ambulance, Minnkota Power Cooperative, Pub 21 of Bismarck, and Revolutions Power Sports and Southgate Casino, Bar and Grill, both of Grand Forks, for their event contributions.

Escape to the Lake 2016 provided welcomed experiences and lasting memories for many people with disabilities and the people who love, care for and appreciate them. We eagerly anticipate the 23rd Escape, set for June 2017, which promises more opportunities to help make a memorable difference in their lives.

Santer is chief executive officer of NDAD.

More on flag etiquette

Peter Schieferdecker


Thank you for publishing the “Old Glory” guidelines on Friday, June 24, 2016. However, most of the time very little attention is paid.

I would like to stress the one point mostly ignored. At no time shall the flag or a facsimile be worn as any part of civilian attire. That includes ties, shirts, shorts, caps and so on.

Sadly, many military personnel including high ranking officers try to demonstrate their loyalty in misguided ways.