Hog factory proposal has a suspicious smell

Amy Strand


These are just some of my reflections regarding the hog factory proposal pending in the Buffalo area.

The ND Department of Health Water Division will be deciding if this is a good area for this factory. Since the Water Division is concerned with mainly water quality I wonder if the concerns of nearby residents will be minimized. Concerns such as; the doctors’ letters regarding concerns for their patients’ health that would live nearby the proposed site, reputable medical research indicating numerous health issues for those who live nearby CAFOs, the cost of infrastructure maintaining roadways, the devaluation of numerous homes nearby, and the quality of the proposed facility. Hopefully the impact to our land, water and air quality will be highly considered since reports from places that presently have “safe” CAFOs are now struggling with numerous pollution problems. I question what will happen when you put a CAFO near the glacial Lake Agassiz beach. Rolling Green, LLP stated if something goes wrong they would fix it. I wonder how much a limited liability partnership will pay out when contamination occurs.

A Rolling Green representative was quoted to have stated the individuals at the hearing needed to face reality and that Rolling Green has to make the pork somewhere. They also said that people don’t want CAFOs in their back yard. Who would want 9,000 plus hogs, carcasses and 10.24 million gallons of “waste” with the footprint of the Fargo Dome in their back yard? Rolling Green representative stated that the proposed project “may smell for a day or two, maybe twice a year” Seriously? Why aren’t they building this in their own state/backyard if it is no big deal?

They talk about economic gain. The Cass County real estate tax revenue will bring in $342 a year. One farmer would be able to produce enough corn to feed those 9,000-plus hogs.

I don’t think this hog CAFO is only about Buffalo. This so called “Family” LLP has numerous connections. If you think that their goal is to put up one barn in North Dakota, which has the footprint of the Fargo Dome, guess again. They have stated that they have every right to be here and do not plan on leaving.

What happened to our N.D. legislators and the Department of Ag that they would value an out of state hog factory over N.D. people? I wonder what really motivated the Department of Ag to extend this “invitation” to Rolling Green. Why would they choose the fastest growing and diversified county in ND? Why would they allow Rolling Green to help themselves to our quality of life, health and natural resources simply because the CAFO has to go somewhere? I guess we will have to wait to see if the Department of Health stands by its mission statement “.to protect and enhance the health and safety of all North Dakotans and the environment in which we live”