Give all candidates a fair chance

Michael Coachman


Isn’t it funny how people see things when they are looking at them through their rose colored glasses. Isn’t it funny, Prairie Public Broadcasting has decided who is NOT going to be heard in their gubernatorial debate on Friday. Matt Olien of that organization has determined that the voters of North Dakota are not really up to processing the views of three potential governor candidates. Paul Sorum’s voice will thus not be heard in this debate by the voters. The insiders are at it again in North Dakota

Not only is this abusive of the candidate but it is extremely abusive of North Dakota’s voters. Not only will Paul Sorum not be speaking. The voters will not be hearing him. Isn’t it funny that PPB has denied the voters that right. Free speech is a two-way street. It means that we are free to be heard and we are also free to hear. So PPB has unilaterally shut down the First Amendment in North Dakota.

The fact that this organization is publicly funded only adds to the abuse. Isn’t it funny. We, as taxpayers who support this organization, are being prevented by it from hearing the people who are legitimate candidates on the ballot in the June primary. It is interesting, to say the least, that the candidates least likely to cut this kind of government spending are included in this “debate” but not the candidate who has indicated he wants to make cuts.

This is wrong on so many levels. And it is not only Paul Sorum who is being denied. PPB is also excluding the Democrat and Libertarian candidates, so you won’t hear them either. Everyone should contact Matt Olien at Prairie Public Broadcasting (241-6900) and let him know that your rights are important to you and you want to hear all of the candidates speak out and it’s not funny.

Coachman is a candidate for lieutenant governor.