Holiday season is also season of giving

Minot Daily News’ unscientific reader’s poll on charitable giving this week revealed that, unofficially, readers believe in an essential connection between the holiday season and giving.

Again, online polls like this are not scientific in that they represent a random sampling of the population, but the number was pretty staggering, with 2/3 people who responded in agreement about the relationship. At least that leads one to believe that ours is a charitable community with a strong connection to neighbors and to those in need. Of course, charitable giving should be a part of the holidays.

Giving is of course essential to the holidays. From giving thanks in November to giving of oneself throughout December, it isn’t just commercial giving that defines the season. It’s the time devoted to friends and family, colleagues and neighbors, church and civic institutions.

Giving is also one of the intrinsic traits of the religious components of the holidays.

There are countless ways to assist charities, and donations of any size can make a difference. One should never be discouraged. There are also phony charities out there seeking to take advantage of good will. But that should prompt prudence, not diminish enthusiasm.

It’s the charitable giving time of year. Let’s all commit to keeping that mind and in whatever shape it might take, contributing and continuing that spirit.