Downtown all decked out for Christmas

People in need of a little cheer should check out downtown Minot. It is splendidly decked out for Christmas, and a lot of folks deserve credit for making it so.

A recent article in Minot Daily News gave mention to some of the many people and organizations involved in setting up and decorating the Main Street Christmas tree. First to be named was the Emerson Olson, who provided the 40-foot-tall tree – the largest ever chosen for downtown, according to store owner Margie Bolton.

According to Bolton, the whole process of preparing for Christmas begins in September. And the number of people involved? No number was given, but needless to say it takes nearly a village of people to erect such a tree, hang the lights and complete the decorations. Then comes the streets…and more people to help out. Volunteers from Minot Air Force Base pitched in too. Fabulous!

Good friends, good neighbors working together, good cheer.

That’s why the old song says Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

In fact, Bolton likens the downtown event, including the lighting ceremony and blessing, to a Hallmark movie. People come down for the feel of the event along with all the little things that go on. It’s a large community event where everyone can just come down to be together, she said.

Picture perfect. Well, almost.

All we need now is a blanket of white.