Support for Pioneer Village Museum is a joy, relief


Being forced to remove its Pioneer Village Museum from the grounds of the North Dakota State Fair, the Ward County Historical Society probably wasn’t optimistic about options. With not much money, having lost its latest bid to remain on-site at the NDSF and in rough local economic waters, the institution faced murky waters ahead.

Which is why it was a joy and relief to learn last week that the historical society has solid community support and might, indeed, have options as to where and how to relocate.

Historical society president David Leite said at a historical society meeting held Thursday evening that, provided land is donated, the cost of relocating museum buildings and other work could be reduced to about $1 million instead of the $2 million that the museum had originally estimated. Some contractors have offered significant discounts.

Burlington has expressed interest in hosting the site.

Hunter Andes, a director of the Makoti Thresher’s Association, made an enthusiastic proposal Thursday suggesting that the museum be moved to the Makoti Threshing Show grounds. Andes said that the Thresher’s Association board of directors has not yet approved the proposal, but he believes that it would be easily approved.

Those are among several opportunities that the historical society will have to evaluate, along with other offers of land.


Very welcome.