Motor Magic a fall classic

Motor Magic has marked the end of summer and the beginning of fall for many of us over the years. Think Labor Day … think Motor Magic.

We don’t know offhand how many years Motor Magic has been around, but somewhere along the way it became a fall classic, an event that fans of any age, occupation or education can relate to. So long as you harbor a love of automobiles, you’ll blend right into the crowd at Motor Magic.

Today’s activities include but are not limited to vendor booths, drag racing, dirt track auto racing and the ever-popular Dakota Cruisers Classic Car Show.

Speaking of the car show, be sure to check out the Ford Woody on display this year. The classic 1951 station wagon was purchased and restored locally by George and Eileen Masters. We’ve shared photos of the car, and it looks fantastic; something best viewed in person.

The Woody has an upgraded chassis, drive train, interior, and a new paint job, all of which took about 30 months to complete.

George Masters, always humble, said he feels honored to have his car chosen as the featured car at this year’s Motor Magic. We say it’s the spectators who should be feeling blessed – being able to see a real Woody up close and in such fine condition. It’s truly a vehicle from a bygone era … which is exactly why Masters chose it for a restoration project.

“I thought it would be neat to do because there’s none around and it’s pretty rare for the area,” Masters said.

And you don’t have to be a car buff to appreciate that sentiment.