Historic sites lead to appreciation of ND

A story in Monday’s Minot Daily News prompted some unexpected responses from a number of readers who wrote or called in to the newspaper. Apparently, even many longtime and lifetime residents were only mildly aware of the Denbigh Experimental Forest, featured in the article by Sue Sitter – and a surprising number of people had ever visited the Pierce County site.

The story well details the historic and significance of the experimental forest.

There are undoubtedly other historic sites/points of interest in North Dakota with which many of us are unfamiliar. It’s human nature to sometimes overlook those things that are close to us, obvious to us. While we might have any number of favorite sites, others can slip by us.

Still, appreciation of historic sites and points of interest lead to a better appreciation of our state, our region, our distinctiveness and the compelling narrative of from where today’s communities came.

Fall is about to arrive with winter on the horizon, so there is still some time to get out and explore North Dakota and the sites we might yet to have seen.

Minot Daily News encourages readers to commit over this next year to visiting not just well-known sites we might have missed, but also the off-the-beaten-path site that are relevant to our past, to our culture to how we developed as a state and as distinct communities. What a wonderful way to enhance our children’s education – and enhance our own as well.