Sand volleyball court a wise investment

It might look like a big sandbox sans pails and shovels at the moment, but the new sand volleyball court being built at the South Hill Complex will be a popular place soon.

We noticed this past week that there was some digging going on near the playground at the park so Senior Reporter Jill Schramm made some inquiries.

Schramm spoke to Scott Collins, director of Minot Recreation, who said a group that set up a fund to bring in national softball tournaments re-directed the money toward South Hill Complex improvements after it ceased bidding for the tournaments. Some of that money is being used to construct the sand volleyball court that is nearing completion. The court’s bed has been dug out and is now filled with sand. The court is expected to be useable within a week or so.

Schramm reports that another court is planned for construction next spring.

The Minot Public Works Department is contributing labor, keeping the cost to about $2,200 to $2,300 per court, Collins said.

All in all, that is a wise use of money and a splendid example of the kind of cooperation and collaboration Minot needs to adopt these days when city, parks, and recreation budgets are tight. Let’s hope the courts see plenty of use, both by locals and out-of-town visitors.

Minot had sand volleyball leagues back in the 1990s when there was a court at the Sertoma Complex in north Minot, Collins said. With the new courts, the hope is to see a league revived, he said.

That would be even better.