McCain an example for every American

It’s been a melancholy few days as the United States came to cope with the death of Arizona Sen. John McCain. Former Vietnam POW, hero pilot, political maverick, McCain brought his “straight talk express” with him wherever he went over the course of a career few are likely to ever match.

Days of eulogizing and story-telling have only accentuated what a complex, unique man McCain was. His legendary moodiness was offset by unquestioned character; his vaunted temper softened by loyalty and kindness. Despite his intense patriotism, he sought what he felt was best for all people. Even while rivals might sometimes have tried to demean him as a pro-war zealot, it was peace through strength and victory via having the better ideas that he sought.

Partisans on both sides have hailed McCain’s ability to build consensus, to work across party lines, and to argue passionately with a rival one minute and work together on a similar interest the next. It was something, people have pointed out this week, that we don’t see much of these days and many fear won’t see again for a very long time.

In his character, resilience and fundamental decency as a public servant, John McCain was an example, a role model, for all Americans.

It all began with courage, the courage of warriors of legend. In our part of the world, we honor our veterans, regardless of from where they hail.

Sen. McCain, you will be missed. But you will most certainly be remembered.