Lend your creativity to a cause

The opportunity to express one’s creativity at the same time one collaborates on a tremendous good deed doesn’t come around that often.

But that’s exactly what Habitat for Humanity-Northern Lights is giving people a chance to do – show off their creativity while supporting construction of its next newest house in Minot.

The program is called a Stud-a-thon and will begin this month and continue through March 2019.

Individuals or businesses can paint a scene or design on a sheet of plywood or studs that will be used in a house soon to be constructed in northeast Minot.

Roxy Volk, executive director for Northern Lights, said initial 2 by 6 studs painted during the Stud-a-thon will be used in construction of the garage and will be exposed until the new owner decides someday to finish the interior. So this is an opportunity to put one’s artwork on display for some time. Other studs will be used in construction of the house itself.

Sponsorship levels are: platinum, one sheet of plywood, $1,000; gold, 10 studs, $500; silver, five studs, $250; bronze, one stud, $50. Any business or individual participating at any of the levels can take part in a bonus level for $50, which involves drywall painting.

Habitat for Humanity seeks people willing to contribute construction labor and provide meals for laborers as well as participate in the Stud-a-thon. Groups willing to come for a day to paint, labor and serve a meal are welcome to do so.

This project demonstrates that anyone can assist in good will projects, even ones as sophisticated as the terrific work of Habitat for Humanity. It furthermore expands the nexus of community service, art and architecture.

Anyone interested in volunteering can email Northern Lights at minot.habitat@hotmail.com. They also can email studathon.habitatforhumanity@gmail.com for information about the Stud-a-thon. All proceeds from the Stud-a-thon will go toward the current construction project.