The most beautiful (and tasty) time of the year

With all due respect to Christmas (hey it can be cold!), to Hostfest, to breezy fall days and the first warm days of the spring, it is hard not to celebrate the return of our regional farmers markets as the most beautiful time of the year. Well, particularly if taste is taken into consideration.

Minot Daily News annually observes the occasion of the return of farmers markets and for good reason. On one hand, those of us now removed from agriculture get the chance to enjoy everything our growing season produces with countless fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs, berries, etc., has to offer. And at the same time, we get the chance to produce the farms in our region, many of which participating are small, specialty and family farms that warrant our support. In aggregate, it is a celebration of our agriculture heritage and the markets bring our communities together to revel in that heritage.

Oh, and for some, there may be a particular pleasure. Somewhere back east this month, in restaurants the likes of which most of us are unlikely to ever afford, some very fancy people who might traditionally think of those of us in “flyover country” as rubes are going to have an entirely serious conversation about the growth heritage of a $10 carrot before ingestion. Here, we toss fresh, locally-grown carrots in salads and stews. Who, exactly, is the rube?

The North Prairie Farmers Market opened Saturday in the Trinity parking lot across from Planet Pizza in Minot. It will be held every Saturday through October. The hours are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Saturday.

The opening day for the Minot Farmers Market will be Tuesday at 9 a.m. through noon, located in the parking lot of the Oak Park Village/HighAir Ground. The Minot Farmers Market will be open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays through Halloween, according to its Facebook page.

Farmers markets are like boxes of chocolate. You never know what you are going to get – without perusing the booths, talking to the engaging vendors, and breathing deep of the incredible produce. Farmers markets are more than a chance to indulge in local crops. They are social occasions and can be deeply educational for young people in particular.

MDN encourages readers to enjoy our growing season and our farmers markets. Besides the advantage to those who like to cook – and eat – you are also supporting local farmers, ranchers and producers. If you are not in the habit of going, you are guaranteed to find something that surprises you and makes the trip worthwhile.

See you at the market!