Fishing Hall of Fame inductees worthy of recognition

Congratulations are due to Duaine Ash and Johnnie Candle, who were inducted last week into the North Dakota Fishing Hall of Fame.

Yes, there is such a place – in Garrison – and it is well worth a visit.

Also worthy are the members of the hall of fame because of what they do or have done to support and promote fishing in North Dakota.

Ash and Candle, both of Devils Lake and members of the Dakota Anglers Fishing Club of Jamestown, were singled out for induction because of their dedication to the sport. Whether it is teaching a kid how to rig a slip bobber to enhancing fishing opportunities or preserving fisheries, such important work that most of us are virtually oblivious to is critical to North Dakota’s economy.

That’s right, fishing is big business in North Dakota and we all in some way benefit from it.

Still, kids benefit more when experienced fisherman such as Ash and Candle and proactive fishing clubs reach out to our youth and lure them into the sport. Fishing is a productive activity people can physically engage in their entire lives – and it never gets old pulling in a fighting, flopping bass or walleye from one of the state’s waters.

Yes, it is an honor to be in the North Dakota Fishing Hall of Fame, but Ash and Candle are more than worthy of the distinction. Well done.