Come meet your next city council member Thursday evening

The Minot City Council is moving ahead with its plan to appointing a member to finish out Mayor Shaun Sipma’s council term.

Four individuals have stepped forward to throw their collective hat into the ring: Stephan Podrygula, David Shomento, Mitchell James Kraft and Zoda Morgan Jr.

The council has set a special meeting for Thursday, July 12 at 5 p.m. in the City Council Chambers in City Hall, located at 515 2nd Avenue SW. On the agenda are introductions of the applicants, a council decision and the swearing in of the new member.

Each candidate brings something to the table and represents particular segments of the community.

The appointment of a member of the council is a serious issue. Appointments circumvent the election process, placing a sacred responsibility of voters in the hands of officials elected by those voters. It might seem a minor thing, but it is not. It is very important that the public engage in this process to protect the integrity of the process. No, there is no reason to anticipate anything but a smart decision by the current council members, but power unchecked by public scrutiny has a history of going bad in the long run.

Minot Daily News encourages city residents and stakeholders to attend the Thursday meeting, to vigilantly observe the decisions of the council. Only following that degree of scrutiny can we fairly move on to see what’s next for a promising new elected body.