MACF support for zoo appreciated

Roosevelt Park Zoo is one of the gems of Minot, one of the things about which residents can be proud, and one of the things about our city that makes visitors sit up and pay attention to what Minot has to offer. This tremendous institution would be considered a quality zoo in a city much larger than Minot; in Minot it is a landmark.

That’s why this week’s presentation of a $100,000 grant from the Minot Area Community Foundation’s Bremer Impact Fund is so important, and appreciated by the community.

The grant – the largest grant ever made from MACF’s Bremer Impact Fund, according to MACF President Ken Kitzman – benefits the Cat Walk in the new Amur Tiger River Valley. The Cat Walk is a key component to the new Big Cat exhibit, a relocated and enhanced component of the zoo sure to be hugely popular.

The campaign has raised $3.2 million of the $6 million total cost of the zoo’s current redesign plan.

In addition to enhancing the exhibit, the move and expansion also increases the quality of life for the majestic big cats, according to Zoo Director Becky Dewitz.

Zoo enhancements benefit everyone in Minot by helping maintain it as a strong regional attraction and to further increase its popularity. It also should be a point of pride for Minot residents.

Thanks are due MACF and congratulations to the zoo. Few things demonstrate community support for an institution like the zoo as much as such considerable support coming from MACF.

Our zoo will be an even better place to visit in the not-too-distant future thanks to the efforts of community supporters.

See you at the zoo!