Eagle Award puts superior workers in spotlight

Once a month, for many years now, the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce has announced a new class of Eagle Award winners.

Eagle Award winners come to the attention of the Chamber through people who nominate them after receiving what they consider superior customer service.

What a marvelous program this has turned out to be. Literally hundreds of workers have enjoyed a moment in the spotlight, recognized for having done something good.

They are seen by their co-workers, their bosses, their families including children who get to share the moment with mom or dad. Talk about setting and rewarding positive examples.

So congratulations to the latest collection of Minot’s finest. The May recipients of the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce Eagle Award Program are:

Devin Billings, Cody McManigal, Al Evon, Julie Conklin, Judy Gullickson, Debra Fjeld, Dwana Seratte, Dr. Michael Templer, Levi Cope, Jennifer Combs, Andrea Johnson and Melisa Urban. You’ll also see their pictures in today’s business section.

One of the beauties of the program is that it encourages all of us to do our jobs better, to impress customers in a positive way.

For all of the reasons above it is important for us to report truly “superior customer service” to the Chamber when we experience it. Take the time and be a link in this important chain; rewarding good service matters.

You’ll be rewarded too when you see your Eagle Award winner’s picture in the Minot Daily News.