High water signs will put Minot flood in perspective

Millions of dollars are being spent to hopefully avert another flood like the one Minot suffered in 2011.

It seems that one of the best uses of money is the $500 the city plans to spend on signage to show the crest of the record flood.

As Minot Daily News reported last week, a design for the signs has been chosen, and the next step for the City of Minot’s High Water Mark Initiative is to complete the selection of locations for posting of flood remembrance signs in the valley.

The city will be posting signs at about 15 locations, signifying the high water mark at those sites during the 2011 Souris River flood. The city will dedicate the signs at a ceremony on June 25, the anniversary of the day the flood crested in Minot. Details of the event will be announced once finalized.

The only cost to the city will be to make the signs, which are expected to cost less than $500 in total.

In addition to an eye-level sign using the selected design, a smaller sign will be placed at the water mark level to give people perspective on the depth.

Good. There are many residents who still don’t seem to grasp how deep the floodwater was in some places – it topped houses. Current residents, future Minoters, visitors of today and tomorrow should all be able to look up and attempt to visualize the sea of ugly brown water that raced through homes – yes, through homes – and neighborhoods.

“We want high traffic areas like the parks but also some really devastated areas – places where the crest was among some of the higher locations,” city spokesman Derek Hackett said.

We anticipate many residents will recommend the site of Lincoln Elementary, a school which is no more. And the old Ramstad Middle School, which is also but a memory. Surely those neighborhoods will be highly visited in years to come by former students and neighbors of the schools.

We would agree with those selections and also recommend a few signs be located right next to one of the levies or flood walls that will be protecting the Magic City in the future. That would also help demonstrate what our money was spent on.

Further, we must recognize that many, many neighborhoods in all parts of the city were flooded and have their own high water marks. Green Valley, Perkett Elementary, Minot State University, North Dakota State Fairgrounds. Those vicinities, too, must be remembered.

Just 15 signs?

Perhaps the city can find a little more than 500 bucks to put into the project.