Be safe, pay attention

By now, longtime region residents are well-adept at driving in ice and snow and in the kind of inclement weather we experience in the winter.

However, confidence can become over-confidence and there is no accounting for a sudden weather anomaly or for the actions of other drivers who might not be as competent dealing with North Dakota winters.

So, Minot Daily News again encourages caution for all drivers, regardless of experience.

“Caution” means a number of things.

Of course it means safe driving, not taking chances, watching your speed and navigation, and being aware of the movement of traffic around you.

It means paying attention to warnings from authorities, avoiding unnecessary driving when not possible, and staying off the streets when police so advise.

It also means paying attention to laws in place to make street clearing easier. In past years, clearing residential streets has been hampered by people parked against curbs, limiting the access of appropriate machinery to the street. Police have enough to deal with in bad weather situations to deal with ticketing or towing cars parked in such a way that hampers access of plows and emergency vehicles. Let’s help our local police and our neighbors and not make streets impassable.

Finally, let’s have patience. Some of us have lacked that in the past, expecting every street, no matter the size, to be cleared the moment weather allows. That’s unrealistic unless there is a public mandate for a massive increase in spending; and that has not been the will of the electorate in recent years.

With some common sense practices and some concern for our public sector employees and one another, this storm will pass like all others, and we will emerge into the sunlight stronger for having pulled together and made the experience a tolerable one for everyone.

Because that’s what we do here.