Teach your children well

With discussion of potential legislation to allegedly address mass school shootings, the question remains to what degree any plans will place the absolute security of school children in the hands of the government.

Because this incident accentuates what a mistake it is to place that kind of absolute power in the hands of agents of the state.

One young girl at one of the anti-Second Amendment rallies expressed the frightening sentiment most simply. “People don’t need to own guns. The government is here to protect us.”

A chilling concept.

With much still to come out, evidence points to government having every indication that last week’s shooter was a threat and, more specifically, a threat to engage in a mass school shooting. From school officials (government) to the FBI (government) to police officers who didn’t exactly rush in to save lives (government), the story of this shooting is the failure of government to protect the public from harm. What exactly has government shown to make us believe it is capable of protecting everyone from all potential harm?

A far better idea is to accept the limitations of government while teaching our children best survival techniques. Whether through active shooter simulations or one-on-one training by those skilled in survival or combat, to teach your children well is to teach them responsibility for their own well-being and safety. Young people so trained will have a better chance of walking away from situations such as that last week and even perhaps guiding classmates to safety.

Who wouldn’t feel just a little more secure knowing young family members are taught the calmness, thinking and behaviors needed to give them the best possible chance of not being a victim in a horror show such as that in Parkland?