Remember, we are all in this together

There were a few points that became abundantly clear Wednesday when the International Souris River Board met in Minot.

No. 1 – We can expect continued drought in the Souris River Basin in the spring and summer of 2018.

No. 2 – Keeping the river flowing might prove challenging from a political and river management perspective. There simply might not be enough water to meet all needs at the precise times water is needed.

No. 3- Planning and compromise will be needed to get the residents of the basin through this bumpy stretch.

It’s true, there are a lot of variables that come into play when weather and water management are discussed. It could well rain, in plentiful amounts that would resolve some of the issues. But we are told not to count on that happening because even if it does rain, the ground in the basin is simply too dry and will suck up much of the moisture.

There could also be major snow events ahead; again, the odds seem to be against that happening. Right now only a trace of snow is said to be on the ground in Saskatchewan and runoff is expected to be down dramatically.

If one were looking for a silver lining in the current cloud of potential doom it might be how the members of the ISRB work together to insure the Souris River will continue to flow as long as possible. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be agreement on “zero flow” just yet.

But, if the various parties can negotiate and compromise their way through the current dilemma, when years of potential flooding return – and they will – we might all stand a better chance of avoiding another disastrous flood in the valley.