Rose Bateman will travel with all of our support

There are working vocalists and musicians of all stripes who will go their entire careers without ever gracing the stage of Carnegie Hall, one of the most impressive and storied venues in the world for a performing artist.

Rose Bateman, a senior at South Prairie, has earned the chance to perform in the High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall on February 4. How’s that for a kickoff to a career when one is still a student? How’s that for an achievement for a young local woman?

Bateman even has a hard time expressing her excitement at the occasion. “I’m excited to meet other people in the choir and to go to New York because I’ve never been there before. I can’t wait to see what it feels like to perform in such a fine concert hall with such skilled singers,” Bateman told Minot Daily News last week.

Bateman has been singing her whole life, first in church and then as she pursued her interest in music, which has included playing the cello, piano and several other instruments. Although she plans to teach music, an opportunity such as this opens the door wide for pursuing a performing career. Imagine what an amazing position Ms. Bateman finds herself in at such a young age. It’s the stuff of dreams.

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Break a leg, Rose!