Bottineau has a gem in Bottineau Winter Park

How long has it been since you’ve been to the Bottineau Winter Park? Have you ever been there?

More and more people are able to answer yes to the latter question, and some are making even more frequent trips to the slopes near Bottineau.

That’s because the park has seen steady growth since it opened in 1969, 15 miles north of Bottineau. Teens by themselves, or in groups, young adults – entire families now make the winter park their main source of entertainment when the snow starts to fly.

As noted in Sunday’s front page story, you don’t have to know how to ski to enjoy the park. And if you do ski, you don’t need to be an expert. There are easy slopes and there are hard slopes, places for snowboarding and runs for tubers, and all that is nearly in our own backyards.

Skiing is also in Minot’s history. Informal and tournament ski jumping occurred in several places along North Hill decades past, and downhill skiing was popular for a time where Magic City Campus is now, and at Trestle Valley west of Minot. But none of that lasted.

Perhaps there will be further attempts to provide winter recreation in Minot in the future; we sure could use it.

For now, though, there is Bottineau Winter Park. And it is a gem of a park, an asset not only to Bottineau and the Turtle Mountains but to the entire region.