Area fishing tournaments attract hundreds

Ice fishing is certainly not for everybody, but a good number of those who do enjoy the sport will be on the ice today.

The annual Buffalo Lodge Lake ice fishing derby hosted by the Granville Masons is being held today, as is the Devils Lake Volunteer Fire Department ice fishing derby at Six Mile Bay.

Both of the tournaments offer some dandy prizes for participants, especially the Devils Lake derby, which is known for its vast loot.

But the real draw has to be the fishing. The tournaments are community-driven events that bring neighbors together for fun and fundraising, plus serve as a gathering point for outdoorsmen who enjoy eachother’s company.

Winter in North Dakota can be brutal, unlike what Mother Nature has thrown our way this year. But with all of the bundled up anglers sharing the ice and smiling just to have a hook in the water, one could almost say it’s always warm on the lake when a tournament is underway. Well, maybe that’s a bit of a fish story. Still, we guarantee that people will be having fun and sharing a few laughs outdoors, in North Dakota, in January. That’s good stuff.

The Devils Lake derby is a huge event, where 6,000 holes will be pre-drilled for participants. Not only will money be raised for the fire department to purchase new equipment, the event will have a $2.5 million to $3 million impact on the community.

Now that’s a keeper.