The year ends on a good note

There has been plenty of news and change for the good and for not-so-good over the course of 2017, now that we have reached the end of it and can look back. There have been high highs and low lows – similar to most years.

This year, though, is ending nicely on a good note that bodes well for the entire community for many, many years ahead of us.

Specifically, last week’s announcement in which Trinity Health officials say a recent pricing and bond sale of more than $350 million tax-exempt revenue bonds, or 2017C Bonds, has ended. Trinity announced Thursday through a news release that the bonds were fully subscribed within one hour of being made available to retail and institutional investors.

The bonding is key to Trinity’s plan for a state-of-the-art medical campus in southwest Minot, and while there wasn’t any real doubt the bonding would happen, the speed of the sale impresses. It also just happens to cap the year on a positive note for everyone in Trinity’s regional sphere of influence.

There is no doubt that Trinity needed a new facility – and plans are for an impressive one. However, the impact of this project extends beyond a high-tech, patient-friendly medical center delivering good healthcare. A good facility makes it easier to attract and retain talent, something Trinity – like virtually every company in our region – struggles with. It energizes the healthcare economy regionally, and that is one sector of the economy that has done well in our current downturn. The project’s economic benefits are obvious.

Perhaps most important, this project – which still has a way to go – provides the stability and continuity that the community needs.

While acknowledging that there are plenty of steps ahead before Trinity’s plan comes to fruition, Minot Daily News congratulates Trinity Health on its progress and thanks the institution for its continued service to the community.

A seasonal gift for all is a positive farewell to 2017 and greeting of 2018.