Still time for Christmas giving

With Christmastime comes many challenges. Thankfully, the perfect gift has already been bestowed on mankind, so that burden has been lifted.

Finding just the right gift for that certain someone, though…ah, that’s still a problem. Hopefully, with Christmas here now, that challenge has been met for another year and the recipients are at this moment enjoying their presents and appreciating our thoughtfulness.

Wait though. Maybe the gift for that person who has everything has been bought, wrapped and unwrapped, but how about the person who has nothing.

There are plenty of those people living among us. Oh, they are not without possessions, but their journey through life at this particular time is almost more than they can stand, and they perceive that they have nothing or next to it.

Those are the people to reach out to on this Christmas Day.

There is still time to deliver a plate of cookies to that senior gentleman who lives down the street. He will be touched that you thought of him.

There is time to pay all or part of the bill for a young family in line at the gas pump, or shopping for food at a convenience store. It will make a difference in their outlook on life.

Visit with somebody who comes to church alone today.

Somewhere – everywhere – there is a need waiting to be met.

By you.

Share, and have a joyous Christmas Day.