Season spirit not lost in our neck of the woods

Bell ringers. Toy drives. Office collections for charity. Numerous holiday meals throughout the community at churches and social service institutions across the region.

For all the shopping activity. For all the major events. For all of the wonderful decorations. Throughout all of the fun and family, here in our neck of the woods, where one can still wish a total stranger “Merry Christmas” without fear of being labeled a racist or hater, the true spirit of the season has not been lost or superseded.

In our humble part of this great country, the spirit of joy, sharing, charity and human decency hasn’t been transformed entirely into a quest for gift cards or some kind of humanist celebration of… snow or something?

It’s Christmas season in Minot and in Ward County, and from individuals making donations to food or toy drives around town or at their work places, to countless organizations contributing good deeds, the spirit is not forgotten.

On Thursday, members of the Minot Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled American Veterans auxiliaries held their annual Christmas Goodwill event for Minot Air Force Base military members. Cookies and other treats along with apple cider were provided for the service members at the Minot AFB medical facility.

For the past six years, the Ice Cold Ryders Motorcycle Club of Minot has been giving back to the community through free, family-friendly events. The Ice Cold Christmas event has become a staple of holiday fun for families in the community and attracted a notable audience this past weekend. The club raises money throughout the year so they are able to host these events free to the public. They are a non-profit organization consisting of military members, oil-field employees, motorcycle enthusiasts and family supporters.

Other occasions have passed already and still more are on the horizon for this week and this holiday weekend.

An observer would note the preponderance of seasonal community activities dominating the town schedule this time of year.

Of this, we should all be proud.