Robert Davis will be missed

When Robert Davis first joined the City of Minot in the summer of 2016 and was making his rounds introducing himself to various service clubs and other organizations, there was something notably fresh about him. A professional planner, he had no problem citing the challenges Minot faced and some of the mistakes made in the past. Being from out of town – as with City Manager Tom Barry – he was beholden to no interest group, no project, no ideology.

This was an extremely beneficial and strong position to be in. For too long, our municipal and county government has relied on under-qualified individuals taking on responsibilities over their heads on paper, and for too longtime locals in positions of influence had what appeared on the outside as allegiance to the existing power structure.

Davis’s hiring was a sign of change to come, capped by the recruitment of Barry.

All of which is why it was sad to hear that Davis has resigned as City of Minot planning director and chief resilience officer to pursue other opportunities.

Note that Minot Daily News is not suggesting that something being or going wrong led to this decision. On the contrary, government administrators tend to have short cycles of employment before moving on to other opportunities. It’s the nature of the profession. MDN has yet to interview Davis about his decision, so there is no reason to expect that this is anything more than what it appears to be – an employee seeking another opportunity. There is nothing wrong with that and MDN wishes Davis well.

Still, it is sad to see Davis go. The city deserves high marks for its recent administrative hires. Losing one of those individuals simply makes the job of the administration and council more difficult – at time when all hands are needed on deck to deal with the increasingly uncomfortable financial position of the city.

MDN hopes Davis has found a solid new opportunity and also wishes the City of Minot good luck and godspeed in finding a replacement.