Questions for the State of the State Address

It’s good news that Minot State University has been selected to host Gov. Doug Burgum’s State of the State Address. Hopefully, it will give local and regional people the opportunity to hear Burgum’s view of the state today and plans for the future direction of the state, and to subsequently offer input as things unfold.

Burgum will have plenty of important issues to address and he will surely want to focus on the good news about the state, as well he should.

However, it’s hard to imagine most people don’t see storm clouds on the horizon. Here are a few issues that will hopefully warrant discussion.

Next budget

This one is a sure thing for Burgum to address. How is the state today preparing for the probable huge budget challenge of tomorrow? What are the steps that we will see toward addressing this challenge on the horizon – how will they affect us? If economic growth and a return to energy dominance are anticipated to impact the next budget, tell us.


It would be refreshing to hear a top official come out and tell us exactly the pluses and minuses of our university system and how to get more of the former with fewer of the latter. There is plenty of controversy and contrasting points of view out there. How about coming clean with us now that he’s been there long enough to have an inside view.

Main Street Initiative

Minot Daily News has long shared its interest in Burgum’s Main Street Initiative and how communities here can be encouraged to consider the benefits. Is it happening? What is the state doing to encourage this discussion?

Opioid Abuse

We know the state of opioid abuse in North Dakota: the situation is critical. There has been no huge financial allocation made. How is it going to get better?

Flood Protection

We aren’t the only community looking at how to fully fund multi-phase flood protection projects. How will state support play out?

When the cheerleading is done, when special interest groups have been recognized, hopefully there will be time for Burgum to provide real insight into these and other issues. He is clearly capable.