Let’s not permit safety concerns deter holiday season

It’s that time of the year. It’s time for holidays, friends, family, fun, parties, gorgeous decorations and a spirit of joy and kindness.

It’s also the season for electric lights, space heaters, rushing to and fro, and plenty – plenty – of cooking.

Combine the two aspects of the season and we have the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, we also have safety risks as a result of the excess that comes with December every year.

Elsewhere in this issue of Minot Daily News, veteran staff writer Kim Fundingsland penned an article about safety measures for families to consider, to compensate for all the festive aspects of Christmas and the winter season.

Minot Daily News strongly encourages readers to review this article and to discuss and share the tips and precautions with your entire family.

Nothing could ruin the holidays more than a damaging fire or – much worse – a fire or other accident that leads to injury. That’s not the kind of holiday memories we want to make.

Awareness is key. If we are aware of risks, take simple precautions and don’t permit the rush of the season to prompt us to cut corners when it comes to safety, there is no reason the holiday season can’t be as safe as any other time of the year. We must remain vigilant.

Mistakes happen, we get busy, we alone are responsible for our safety at home during the holiday season. But by paying attention to the simple advice offered in this issue of the newspaper, we can dramatically reduce the chance of a damaging incident or of a total disaster.

Let’s make sure we do take these precautions. Let’s not let a lax position on safety ruin the best time of the year.

Just a few precautions, a few safety checks and a little preparation, and we can all enjoy the season safely. Let’s do just that… and kick back and enjoy ourselves.