Don’t be that someone

It’s wrong and against the law. It’s expensive if you get caught. It can kill, or change lives – sometimes forever.

Don’t drink and drive. We hear it all the time. Yet people do; some will this holiday weekend.

Please don’t be that someone.

Minot Daily News reporter Kim Fundingsland recently did a story on some of the economic implications of being arrested for driving while impaired, and they weren’t pretty.

You think your property tax bill was a shocker. Well, it might not cost much to get drunk, but getting hauled through court has gotten very, very pricey too.

Often a DUI charge leads to a suspended driver’s license that brings with it additional cost and difficulties, Fundingsland reported. He told how in Municipal Court recently a Minot man pleaded guilty to a second charge of driving under the influence/actual physical control and driving under suspension. His court-ordered fines and fees amounted to $1,950. However, when additional expenses were included, his out-of-pocket costs for 2017 due to DUI/DUS exceeded $3,300. He also was sentenced to one week in jail.

And that, Fundingsland said, is just the start. Then he went into even more specifics, all quite informative.

What the writer did not go into in this particular article was the price a violator could end up paying if he were to maim or kill someone. Or the price the state would have to pay to house the guilty party – a criminal now – in jail, potentially for years.

All that, of course, is in addition to the emotional and economic hurt inflicted on a victim’s family.

No, drinking and driving is not smart in so many ways.

Please don’t. Not this holiday, not any day.