More women’s voices needed in government

Area women recently got together at the Minot Public Library for an informational event on the roles that women play in politics and government.

Nothing but good can come out of such a meeting, designed to encourage women to run for elected office. One of the principal speakers was city alderwoman Lisa Olson; good for her for speaking out and for taking up this important cause.

The goal of the program, Women Run – Women Lead, was to promote women in leadership roles and give information on challenges women face and how women can support other women in running for office.

Those challenges are real, but can be overcome. What really helps is the inspiration and encouragement supplied by elected officials such as Olson. There are now and have been other examples of women in important decision making positions that come to mind.

State Senator Karen Krebsbach for one; one of the most respected voices in either state chamber.

Helen Hurly and Molla Romine were both longtime valuable public servants as members of the Ward County Commission. Hurly also was a member of the Minot Park Board, along with Harriet Epstein, another woman whose opinion often carried the day.

Yes, there are challenges for women seeking public office. A lack of support, experience, confidence, and mentors once they are elected have been mentioned.

Obviously Hurly and the other women mentioned here overcame those challenges – if they even paid attention them in the first place, such was their confidence when they reached their prime.

Olson is to be commended for her efforts to encourage more women to run for public office. On this issue, we agree wholeheartedly and will gladly follow her lead.