How many moose is too many?

So, the area has moose, moose and more moose. OK, how many is too many to have?

The question came up Monday at a North Dakota Game and Fish Department District 2 Advisory Board meeting held in Lansford.

“There’s way too many moose. They are in our yards and my wife can’t walk on the roads,” said a person attending the meeting.

That’s not good. Yes, moose can be dangerous to be around, especially when man and beast meet unannounced.

But is the problem really bad enough to warrant issuing more hunting tags for moose?

We think this is one for the Game & Fish to study a while – maybe a few years, in fact. An overabundance of moose is not a problem that has existed for very long. In fact, many North Dakotans have not seen a moose in the wild in their lifetimes – even some people who are out and about in the countryside on a regular basis have yet to see their first moose.

Another factor to consider: Moose populations have not fared as well in other parts of the state while our moose numbers shot up. They actually went down. Should we not feel lucky or blessed?

It seems prudent to watch and wait, let Game and Fish do its thing – and enjoy the magnificent animals while they are plentiful. Carefully.