Broadway Bridge opening demonstrates improvement

One doesn’t have to look far to find a Minot area resident who registers a complaint about the development projects of local government. Rarely a day goes by that Minot Daily News doesn’t hear from one or more such residents with complaints about city, county or state projects.

Hopefully, though, people are just as adept at noticing and appreciating when projects unfold properly, on time (or even ahead of time) and as promised.

That’s why last week’s news that the east Broadway Bridge is now open to two lanes of northbound traffic in Minot, with construction being substantially complete for 2017 on the U.S. 83 Broadway Viaduct Replacement Project should be notable for more than just the return to convenience the opening presents. Along with two lanes of northbound traffic, there are two lanes of southbound traffic on the older west bridge.

There are some final, largely cosmetic touches to be finished in the weeks ahead, but the completion schedule can be considered met.

Meanwhile, the new Ward County Jail facility has been ahead of schedule – well ahead of schedule – throughout.

There are a handful of other examples of smaller efforts being completed on time or ahead of schedule this construction season.

Timely progress on development projects initiated by government demonstrate that it is possible for the public sector to operate with comparable efficiency as the private sector. If that hasn’t always been the case in our region – and most people seem to feel it has not been – then these recent successes are even more notable because they demonstrate overall improvement in local and regional government.

There’s plenty of work to be done, but at least the effectiveness of local leadership is trending upward.