Region rich in artists, artisans, creatives

When some people think “art,” they might be inclined to think of the art with which they were familiar in school – drawing and painting, etc.

However, that definition is constraining in this day and age. Besides the fact that art is perceived more liberally today and can be considered virtually anything expressive – from found object manipulation to photography and digital creations – technology has massively expanded the possibilities.

Those readers who have been following the incredible works of art by regional artists featured in the Thursday Minot Daily News Arts section are probably pretty aware now of all of the different ways that an individual artist can express themselves. The section has offered no shortage of artists working in different and creative media.

Consider other artists, artisans and creatives and the work they do as well. Just in the past few days of the newspaper, featured have been our town’s award-winning photography club, a local artist who takes “junk” and turns it into artistic guitars that are each one of a kind, and a descendant of a Massachusetts whale boat captain who has both preserved history and contributed to it with his own work. In the weeks prior to these stories, numerous artists and artisans who visited or took part in Høstfest were also featured in Minot Daily News.

There is certainly more to come as the newspaper seeks out unique and passionate artists, craftsmen and others to feature and introduce to the community at large.

The exciting point, though, is this: Minot and our region are incredibly rich in folks talented in one art form or another. With the number of talented individuals with which we are blessed, one can’t help but wonder if each of us lives next to a budding artistic genius. In fact, hopefully we are.

Art in all forms enhances our community and our lives, inspiring introspection, creativity and dialog. There is no “down” side to this blessing of wealth, one which, thankfully, we can all enjoy here at home.