Of course, Minot is helping victims of disasters

It comes as no surprise to see so many individuals and institutions putting best feet forward to try to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. You can bet the same thing will happen when Hurricane Irma wreaks whatever havoc it might on the U.S.

Of course, Minot is helping victims of disasters.

Local residents who endured the 2011 flood here are certainly sensitive to what Americans along the Gulf Coast are now confronting. There is a definite tendency to relate, particularly given the wet nature of the storm and the images beamed into our homes nightly.

However, being able to relate isn’t the only reason Minot and regional support for storm victims appears to be so brisk. In fact, the most obvious reason is that the population of our region is charitable, compassionate and possessed of a certain spirit the world doesn’t now seem to have enough now – which is, of course we are going to help our distant neighbors in time of need, because it’s the right thing to do.

In a world too dominated by greed, acrimony and self-indulgence, it’s sure a pleasure to see something different from the good people of North Dakota.

Your memories of Sept. 11, 2001

Time is running out to share your memories of the horrendous events of Sept. 11, 2001 – where you were, how you heard about the terror attack, your first reaction, etc. Some may not want to relive the occasion. Others have been sharing and Minot Daily News will publish those recollections and thoughts on Monday in conjunction with the 16th anniversary of that dark day in American – and human – history. Send your thoughts to msasser@minotdailynews.com if you would like to be included.