North Dakotans pitch in to help hurricane victims

We have noted in the recent past that North Dakotans are not shy when it comes to helping a neighbor going through a tough time.

The most recent evidence of that is our people in or headed to hurricane damaged Florida and Texas. You can read more about the particulars elsewhere in this edition, but what can’t be expressed clearly enough in a news story is just how much others among us would love to help too.

North Dakotans are very aware of the talents they possess and many would pack a bag in a heartbeat to serve a week or two – paid or unpaid – if it weren’t for existing obligations or perhaps age or health reasons. They would consider it an adventure, even knowing full well that the work would be hard and the conditions dicy at best. If only.

We don’t know the names of the Xcel Energy employees from Minot who are assisting in Florida, but we do thank them for representing the city, state and of course their employer.

The same goes for the three Minot men serving in Texas with the Civil Air Patrol. They are Leonard LaPorte, Travis Partin and Sean Huizenga.

Well done and stay safe.