Lots of folks seem to labor on Labor Day

Retail workers. Hospitality workers. Cooks, cops, dishwashers, firefighters. Doctors and nurses and ambulance drivers. Thank goodness some office workers and bankers are also off work today or they could just call it “non-essential government workers day off.”

That might be slightly exaggerated, but let’s not forget to take a moment today while we grill outside, enjoy the lakeside for the final time this season, or otherwise enjoy the final unofficial day of summer. (Another way to enjoy Labor Day is to cross your fingers it isn’t all that close to the actual close of summer in weather terms.)

The Google definition for Labor Day is “… in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country.”

Pardon the Google reference but we aren’t in any controversial area here.

Honoring labor as a ‘contributor’ to American prosperity is like toasting oxygen’s contribution to human evolution on earth. The American laborer – across the spectrum – isn’t a contributor to American prosperity; it is the source of American prosperity. It’s also the source of life-saving medicines, the small sliver of the world where people are still free, the export of that which is good and the resistance of that which is evil.

Pretty big deal for a holiday folks don’t much consider. And a day when plenty of people labor.

Hats off to those people.