Life isn’t so bad in Minot

Bad news got you down? Does all of that talk about property tax increases and debate over nuisance animals have you flipping through the Yellow Pages looking for a good mover?

Before you actually put a for sale sign in front of your house or do a Google search for “cheapest towns to live in, animal lovers welcome,” read last week’s newspapers again.

There is some mighty good news in those pages as well as the depressing sort. Like what?

For one, the City of Minot, in a moment of proactiveness, has purchased 320 acres of land that will extend the life of the city’s landfill by more than 60 years. That is a good move for several reasons, including the cost savings that will come simply by planning ahead. We all know from watching our own finances and life circumstances that it is essential to look ahead and budget with the future in mind. Even if it means buying something now that you don’t necessarily need immediately but will some day soon. Land costs seldom retreat so buying the acreage now seems very prudent – and should be reassuring to taxpayers.

Yes, some will argue that; it’s a fact of life.

But can one argue that it was not good news when a recent tobacco sales compliance check was passed by all 34 retailers checked? That is 100 percent. An “A”. They should have all won free tacos.

Seriously, keeping our young people from smoking or using other forms of tobacco is a big deal. Keeping the businesses allowed to sell tobacco on the side of the law is paramount to winning this one. Not every town takes this issue as seriously as most adults in Minot do, so well done Minot police, store owners AND their employees.

There are other examples of what is in going well in Minot and surrounding towns, including enrollment being up at Williston State College and Dakota College at Bottineau. Minot State University isn’t quite there yet but points to consecutive larger freshman classes as being positive news.


The number of kids involved in Scandinavian Youth Camp was up this past weekend.

Zion Lutheran Church can still pack’em in for a lutefisk and meatball dinner.

Volunteers just yesterday were back at it, cleaning up the Souris River.

The downtown street project was completed last week – looks great.

So things are looking up in Minot today. If you’re not buying that, well, at least it’s a new week to look forward to – and Hostfest. Company is coming.