Homecoming an energizer for the whole community

Across the general calendar of events in Minot and the region are a number of events that just energize the entire community, or at least a good portion of it. We’ve experienced it already with the North Dakota State Fair, will again soon for Norsk Høstfest, and each of us could probably point out other events that foster a similar feeling.

Minot State University’s Homecoming this week is another such occasion.

Yes, this is MSU’s Homecoming and the focus is rightly on campus activities and on students. However, with a university as connected to a community as MSU is to Minot, it’s little wonder the celebration emanates out and engulfs Minot.

One can enjoy the spirit of Homecoming from the decorations and events at the campus. The parade awaits and attracts interest from plenty of people who aren’t students. Even a casual observer may be interested in who is named Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King.

The palpable excitement can be found wherever students are congregating, on or off campus.

MSU Homecoming energy is uplifting and also prompts nostalgia for many of us, conjuring images of the Homecoming events of our own past, or of our children’s past.

Of course, none of this would be possible without MSU’s efforts to make sure Homecoming is a special time for students – and for the rest of us, as well.

Thanks for the shot in the arm, MSU. It’s appreciated in all corners of Minot.