Additional city budget cuts make solid sense

The City of Minot’s administration produced a tight, efficient proposed budget that would contribute considerably to getting the city on track for the lean spending that must loom ahead, in light of the current economic environment and flood protection investment.

Council President Mark Jantzer’s response, released on Friday and analyzed in Minot Daily News, takes an excellent tight budget and reduces spending even more. While this “more” might not add up to a lot relative to the budget, it is still well worth considering and incorporating into the final budget. Jantzer and those with whom he consulted once again did an excellent job.

Furthermore, proposing to eliminate, for the time being, contributions to the MAGIC Fund and also the Community Facilities Fund recognize the reality of our current situation, while leaving open the door that one day the city might renew these contributions – and possibly do so with a better delivery system.

It will be most interesting to see how Mayor Chuck Barney and the remainder of the city council responds officially to Jantzer’s proposed changes. Will a sense of fiscal conservatism prevail? Are there additional places that could endure spending reductions?

Minot’s budget process continues to be an example – right in the public’s eye – of the level of seriousness and responsibility dominating City Hall during these trying times.

We are all better for this continued show of professionalism.