Been there, done that, don’t want to ever again

People who have been through significant flooding such as was experienced in the Souris River Valley in 2011 likely get chills watching what is taking place in Texas.

Television coverage of Harvey as a hurricane or tropical storm sweeping across the Gulf states brings back a lot of memories for Minot flood victims, some good, some bad – mostly bad.

But the images of people wading through waist-deep water carrying their only dry belongings, or walking away from a house they’ve cared years for are fresh to our eyes – we see suffering from a different perspective having been in similar circumstances before.

Our hearts go out to those victims so much more than we probably could have felt before we survived our own disasters.

As we all know, this is just the beginning of the suffering for the victims of Harvey. There is much more to come before the rebuilding can even start.

Minoters whose houses were flooded might remember that first step they took back into their homes – once allowed to return. Remember that smell, the slimy mud that stuck to everything, the soggy heaps of clothing, pictures and other mementoes that had floated about for days or weeks?

We remember. How could we forget? And we sympathize. Prayers and good thoughts for the people of Texas and anyone else in the path of Harvey.