Two comeback stories in the news

It caught our attention last week that the Ward County Sheriff’s Department is now planning to make the jail a regional training site for correctional officers.

It was not long ago that the jail was reprimanded for failing to properly train its own staff; now the jail is to mentor officers from other jails that also had trouble getting staff to far away training locations.

The sheriff’s department is opening its in-house training course – developed to get back into compliance with a state mandate – to correctional, parole and probation officers from other organizations in the region.

That is a remarkable turnaround for Ward County, and a welcome one.

Congratulations to Sheriff Bob Barnard and whoever else on his staff are responsible.

Also worthy of a pat on the back are the people who run Minot’s Scandinavian Heritage Park.

It was announced last week that the park was voted North Dakota’s best attraction by USA TODAY 10 Best Readers’ Choice Award.

You can read more about the award in today’s business pages, but in short, the people who decided the award were impressed by the many attractions within the park, including the Gol Stave Church Museum and the Dala Horse.

We have always thought the park well laid out and kept in immaculate shape. Now the rest of the country knows too.

The award was much deserved, and especially rewarding for the city considering that the park was, not long ago, just a coulee filled with old concrete and other refuse. The park’s transformation from a dumpsite in the early 1970s to one of the city’s prettiest parks today has been amazing to witness.

The county jail and Scandinavian Heritage Park – two comeback stories, thanks to good people working hard for Minot’s greater good.