NDSF keeping fair fare fresh

It isn’t an easy task for North Dakota State Fair to bring new, fresh and different to the big event each year. This includes fair food, one of the most popular and anticipated aspect of NDSF, taking place this year July 21-29.

Yet, new tastes are headed to the fair. Just days ago, NDSF announced 13 new foods appearing at NDSF. These are: Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Dog, Buffalo Cheese Curds, The Original Minneapple Pie, Milky Way in a Waffle On-A-Stick, “The Avalanche,” The Donut Sundae, Spicy BBQ Beef Crepe, Garlic & Black Pepper Steak, Roughneck Nachos, Chocolate Lover’s Funnel Cake, BBQ Brisquet Sandwich, and A Slice of the Fair. The latter is described as a slice of pizza topped with cheese curds and corn dogs.

The novelty of fair food is a delightful piece of Americana, in addition to being a favorite to this day. Besides the obvious taste appeal, fair food also transports adults back to the days of their childhood and fosters other memories for people of all ages.

It is little wonder that a SmartAsset study concluded that NDSF ranks as the third best state fair in the country.

Of course, NDSF fans don’t need a study to tell them how much fun the fair is.

Thanks to the NDSF and its vendors for their tireless efforts to bring new things to the fair to complement favorites.