Minot should be proud of Pride Minot

Over the course of the weekend, the region’s LGBTQ community and friends will once again be observing Pride Minot.

For the uninitiated, Pride is an annual event held in communities around the world, generally in the summer, to celebrate the (greater) gay community and its advances in civil rights terms. It’s rainbow symbol signifies diversity and events are open to the public. From last night’s kick-off party to tonight’s shadowcast performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to Saturday’s 5k run and Pride in the Park event, and to Sunday’s inclusive church service (and much in between), Pride is an upbeat, welcoming experience. It is also a time when one can learn just a little, perhaps to open up a mind or a soul.

“We’re here and we’re a part of this community and we want to contribute,” Pride Minot president Christina Fjeld said. “We’re aiming to spread education to break down misconceptions. All are welcome.”

The gay community does not have a high profile in Minot, but LGBTQ people are part of the social fabric here. Accepting this and welcoming all into the Minot community who wish to contribute, to make this home, to work toward the best city we can have are signs of maturity and of human decency.

It speaks well of Minot – all of Minot – that Pride returns this year, that there is a place for it in our community. Old ways of thinking, old prejudices and mankind’s dreadful, destructive tendency to denigrate those different than us, die hard.

Whether we attend a Pride event or might be learning about it for the first time, we should all be proud that there is a Pride Minot.

Thanks to Pride Minot organizers for bringing the event back again this year and for giving Minot the opportunity to embrace the full range of human diversity.

For information on Pride Minot, visit facebook.com/PrideMinot.